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Most countries charge outrageous rates for international calls. By using EZcallBack , our customers avoid these high rates when placing calls to and from abroad.

EZcallBack works by registering your mobile or landline number with the EZ reseller when you buy your CallBack card and then placing a call to the EZ service bureau. After the first ring you then hang up and wait for EZCallBack service to call you back. When the call comes in you will be asked for your PIN and then your destination number. Upon the destination number answering, the caller is billed for the two calls: one from the EZ Service Bureau to the caller and the other from the EZ Service Bureau to the dialled destination. The resulting charges are often less than the cost of a single, direct-dialled call.

EZcallback serves more and more customers each day in over 225 countries around the world. Combining our network of established resellers, strategically placed digital switches and global carrier partners, EZcallBack stands for clarity and reliability worldwide.